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Q’s Top 20: #5 – Kathleen Edwards

The final stretch of Q’s Top 20 Albums of 2012is here…and coming in at #5 is Kathleen Edwards for Voyageur.

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LA Times

Los Angeles Times Best Of 2012 Pop Music- Singles category was announced today!

7. Kathleen Edwards “Change The Sheets”

An unexpectedly soulful gem from this Canadian alt-country singer…read more and watch the official video to “Change The Sheets“!

SPIN’s 20 Best Country Albums of 2012

Taking the #2 slot, Kathleen Edwards makes SPIN’s 20 Best Country Albums of 2012!

Read the full list here.

Speakers in Code #34

Speakers in Code: The 100 Best Songs of 2012

#34 “For The Record” by Kathleen Edwards

Listen to “For The Record”

NPR Listener Picks

Listener Picks: Your Favorite Albums of 2012

Between Bobby Womack and Dan Deacon, Kathleen makes it onto yet another “Best Of” list for 2012 for the pure awesomeness that is ‘Voyageur’! Check out the full list here and listen to the countdown.

-Team KE

Exclaim’s Best ‘Folk and Country’ Albums of 2012

#3. Kathleen Edwards

There’s a break-up album and then there’s Kathleen Edwards’ latest album, Voyageur. It’s simple to discount break-ups as a multi-step process that reads like a grocery list of things: break up, return things, part ways, move on. Read More…

PopMatters: The Best Canadian Albums of 2012

Kathleen Edwards

A heartbreaking, heartbroken album full of glorious melodies, lush production, and terrific songwriting, this stunner of a “break-up” record snuck into my head back in February, sat down in my favourite chair, and put its feet up. It’s not going anywhere. “I don’t wanna feel this way,” Edwards sings on standout track “Pink Champagne”. But if she never had, we’d never have gotten to hear this record.

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PopMatters Pick: The Best Songs of 2012

‘Empty Threat’ from Kathleen Edwards 2012 release, Voyageur makes PopMatters Picks: The Best Songs of 2012! Listen to the 75 song countdown HERE!

SPIN’s 40 Best Songs of 2012

SPIN’s 40 Best Songs of 2012

Read full article and listen to “CHANGE THE SHEETS”

American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums of 2012

Another Top 50 today! Kathleen ranks #36 on American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums of 2012 for ‘Voyageur’.

“Released during the peak of winter, Voyageur feels like a blast of hot summer air, armed with two bombastic singles — “Empty Threat” and “Change the Sheets” — that channel the thrill of driving down an empty road at peak speed, with nothing but the radio and your own elation to keep you company.”

-Team KE